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Death & Cults

In our culture, our present media, there is a fascination with death. You flip on a television screen and you see shows about hauntings, ghosts, spirits, the paranormal, and with all of this, there is a ping in our hearts, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Here I was listening to The Witches View Podcast, which a show that represents the pagan perspective. In this particular episode, they bring up a topic that we all wonder about from one time or another which is, death. I feel as though the spectrum of the pagan community, we have a unique view on death, that instead of immediately labeling it as, "No, that's bad", yet instead, embrace it as a transition.

I find that we become so desensitized to death because it is a constant reinforcement and everyday, we hear on the news of hundreds dying, we hear opinions about life after death, and according to the lovely Mo, on the Witches view podcast, "It's paradoxical how we are repelled yet, so fascinated by death."

So this is my little two cents on this topic of death, and it is such a touchy subject for some people. But I can say with a firm stance, that DEATH, despite all the things we are unsure about, we are sure that we will die some day. I have to note how heavy that sounded, but I can say that is one truth that we cannot doubt.

But, as a side note, I listened to the last speeches of Jim Jones of the People's temple cult (Which is Embedded at the bottom), and as eerie as it is to hear people dying one by one in the background as he talks about how life isn't suited for them and he also refers to death being a choice. This is what the Witches View speak of as well, that in specific situations, that assisted suicide should be an option if the person's last year of life is going to be miserable. (Cancer patients, etc.)

I also would like to add, this link has the audio clip and others comments. Though, some may also say that after his speech, when the silence consumes the audio, his last breath is the last thing you hear. There is also the "ghost recording" phenomena, where you hear eerie moans at the end, and this is due to the way the tape was processes since it is such an old tape, but I suppose some people may say otherwise.

Though, there is utter fascination, and people's reactions to it may be strong, I strongly warn those who feel as though they can handle this, proceed to listen.

Yet as the season is changing, we experience where the darkness is prevalent, where the sun is going down earlier in the day, and we scurry into our homes with the candlelight and dig deeper into ourselves. Where the ink meet's the paper, and poetry is born, and art is made. In the shadows, we see nothing but a void. A silence in which is ever present in the background chatter of everyday life.

In this there is death, who can be a very welcoming, fun, and perhaps even recognizable friend to guide us into our next stage.

Where we are alone, as through life.

In this void, we can find some profound wisdom to unfold, a lightheartedness of living life, not holding onto the identity we shape everyday, and seeing into our souls where we are our true being.

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